pvc factory in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu

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TAKE ACTION NOW by sending a FREE FAX to the
Executive Vice President of the International Finance
Corporation, demanding that they cancel the loan
application from Chemplast.



Villagers from a chemical industrial estate in
Cuddalore, Tamilnadu, and public interest groups are
opposing the setting up of an International
Finance Corporation-funded factory for manufacturing
poly vinyl chloride (PVC) plastic by Chemplast
Corporation. PVC is a plastic whose production, use,
recycling and disposal are known to release dangerous
poisons, including cancer-causing chemicals such as
dioxins and vinyl chloride. Dioxin is a persistent
organic pollutant slotted for elimination under the
UN-led Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic

The IFC has been approached for a loan of $20 million
by Chemplast. A vote on the loan by its Board of
Directors is set for 27 June 2002 in Washington D.C.

Want more background? See "Opposing PVC, Opposing IFC"
on CorpWatch India: http://www.corpwatchindia.org/


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