Indian doctors tell their patients to get ready for their after life

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I cannot believe what Indian doctors tell their patients. It makes me sick in the stomach.

Apparently it is common practice for doctors (or should I call them quacks) in India to tell their patients to get ready for their after life if they are in their 60s.

An example is a well known doctor from Salem, he apparently told a 65 year old patient (who has some BP and some diabetes, nothing major) who complained to him of some chest pain that she should mentally be prepared to make her maker since she is at that age.

Who are these clowns to decide at what age a person should die?

How many people in India have to go through this?

If a diabetic/BP patient will be talked to in such a manner, how would these doctors treat terminally ill patients?

Should such a doctor be sued?

What kind of medical practice is this? I am truly shocked.


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