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The fuhrer of Shiv Sena is direct competitor to Togadia in his rhetoric. He manages to stay in the news with his vitriolic comments and the misadventures of his saffron militia.He is a disenfranchised person with no regrets.He has made a mockery of the Indian judicial system. He has openly admitted that it was his boys who demolished the Babri Masjid.But there are no cases pending against him on this count.

Each time he opens his mouth,he seems to have something controversial.Like his hardcore brethren of the VHP and Bajrangdal his words are in defence of the past glory and anger against the invaders of the past.He prefers to talk less of development and more of 'sentimental' issues.

The fuhrer wants to stay one step ahead of the Togadias and the Singhals.He is marketing himself as the true champion of Hindutva.He is under the impression that spraying cow urine at the Gandhi Samadhi,digging up cricket pitches,destroying shops selling Valentine's day cards and opposing the proposed ferry to Lahore is 'defending Hinduism'.

The VHP's earlier USP was 'ban on cow slaughter'.Not to be undone Bal Thakeray has now demanded a ban on the 'slaughter' of chickens in Mumbai.It is understandable that many people in India consider the cow as a divine animal.But how come that Thakeray has a new evelation that the chicken is of the same status as the cow? May be it is not unusual for people of his age to have such visions or make similar discoveries.Thakeray can of course ,like other Indian politicians, coin a slogan first and invent several reasons to justify it.

The increasing interference of the Hindutva fascists with regard to the personal preferences and dietary habits of the Indian citizens is nauseating and Talibanist. Thakeray and his private army can eat what they want or avoid it .Let it be left to the individuals to decide whether they want to have chicken ,pork ,beef or a bunch of leaves. The moans and growls of those like Thakeray is unbecoming of a democratic and civilized society.They are a bloat on the face of the Indian pluralism and secular democracy.


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