Why Indians are jealous with other indians

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Hi there...

I just felt something and I thought of bringing it out. As far as i see, most Indians (i am not pointing those whore are from india alone) never like to help their own race to achieve something. They are always jealous and they can also got to the extand to destroy those who are better than them.

I am not telling this due to to movies I watch. I am telling this to what I have experienced. I find it really silly because they are acting like this.

For e.g : In my country (Malaysia), the chinese always help their own type to bring up their community. But, Indians never do that. They dont care about their indian friends who are far behind. Due to this, not much indians achieve their goals.

I just feel that indians should change thier attitude. You can compete with others, but dont do thing that will push them into the drain.

Please take this into consideration


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