Tecniquz to remember what u r hav studied!!!!!

Topic started by prashanth sylvester (@ dialpool-210-214-242-51.maa.sify.net) on Sat Jul 19 17:40:19 .
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well when u study..Most of us will forget what we hav studied..but we will remember the topic..well itz a human psychology to forget good thing...but ofcourse we do hav a bad habit of remembering what ever that is bad..isn't it? so why don't we use tht in our studies..
For an ex: we r studying the features of windows.try to know itz bad features first...ie it provides less security than anyother OS..& one of itz good features :user friendly...so from next time onwards if somebody ask u abt windows...what automatically comes to ur mouth is ofcourse "windows is less secured"..!!!!


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