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There are lots of differences in home building in India and the west-
1. In India wood is hardly used. All walls are mortar (including interior non-load bearing walls). This increases material cost and dead weight of the structure.
2. Indian homes have NO insulation. This results in wasted energy if airconditioners are used.
3. Even though windows are swinging (casement) type, they have no screens that prevent mosquitoes and other insects from getting inside. In most of the west, sliding windows are employed and even the casement windows have insect screens.
4. The bathrooms dont have a designated shower stall and Indians don't have the concept that the place where one stands before the vanity needs to be dry.
5. Rooms in Indian homes can be locked from the outside, so that someone inside can be unintentionally or intentionally trapped. This is not acceptable practice in the western world.

On the other hand-

1. Indian closets can be locked. I haven't come across any built in closet in any home in the US which could be locked. Naturally this means that valuables cannot be easily stored in US homes.
2. Indian homes have more lighting and celing fan fixtures than American homes (don't know much about other western countries).
3. Indian bathrooms are easier to clean because the floor of the main area has a drain. In the US, only public restrooms have floor drains.
4. In the US, ceramic floor tiles are laid with too much gap between them. This causes the grout to accumulate a lot of dirt. In India, ceramic tiles are laid close to each other than minimizes dirt buildup.

Any other comparisons are welcome.


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