CASTE SYSTEM—Blessing or Curse?

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CASTE SYSTEM—Blessing or Curse?

Since childhood, I am always tormented by the word CASTE and caste system. CASTE is a throbbing question in me.

Why a culture so tolerant, backing a deplorable divion of the society?

With hundreds of thousands of DALITS [refer to INDIA WEST November 9,2001--page A22] converting to Buddhism last month and millions in India are converting to Islam and Christianity, we have to ask this proverbial question, IS A CASTE A BLESSING OR CURSE??

Is Caste System helping us or destroying us as a society and culture????

True, some one can quote different verses from scriptures [Rig Veda, Manu smriti] and defend it, but as far as I am concerned, CASTE SYSTEM HAS CREATED MULTITUDES OF PROBLEMS IN HINDU SOCIETY.

It has destroyed the beautiful fabric of Hinduism. It created demons like “BRAHMINISM” and DEVADASI SYSTEM” .


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