Mr Rajesh is similar to T.Rajendren!!!

Topic started by Azhar (@ on Tue Jul 10 06:37:12 .
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From: venom incorporated (@ on: Sun Jul 8 00:26:34

my first thought upon seein T.Rajendran was, "hell, didnt noe so much hair grows on s hit".He cant cut his hair, trim his beard, and make any kinda attempt to lose weight.Wat da f uck is he thinkin, comin on screen,stainin it, and makin us sick??Lemme tell u guys a little history abt T.Rajendran's birth, he was da product of a male bear and a female gorilla s crewin each other.He was born wif his face 3/4 covered wif bear fur, and his birth was unique, he didnt come out frm ms gorilla's front, he came out thru da backdoor, the ass.Dat accounts to y he's smellin like, and in most instances, lookin like, shit(monkey crap).He cant get rid of all dat s hit hair in his face dat easily too unless mebbe he uses some petrol and a lighter.All da razor blades and weed cutter's scissors can onli help removin hair from his short d ick and his stinky, f ucked up armpits(he'll haf trouble doin dat too).So 4 any lewser b itch a ss, like da one hu started dis topic, hu can actually be a fan of dis b astard mutant creature, wat u can do is dis....
Shut down ur pc, go to bed, close ur eyes and wank of fantasizin abt gorillas, chimpanzees, T.Rajendrans, and other primates


From: venom incorporated (@ on: Sun Jul 8 20:47:57

To (@ :

Oh sonofabitch, u wanna pull in naagaz, u wanna pull in python of naagaz blood huh?You dont noe hu u r f uckin arnd wif b itch.Ya and ur lame attempted clonin continues, yeah?I toldcha sumbit ch, its as lame as ur sl ut mom's pussy(meow moeow).Haha, U think anyone's believin ur sh it yeah?Ok if they do dan dos veri dumbas ses will believe my sh it abt ur birth and ur whore, i mean, mom.Hei, desperado, u r screamin out, startin threads, tryin to make it look naturale, and pullin in the invincibe Naagaz, my blood memberz.To da sh it u pullin, all we gotta say is dis....Haha, wooooohooooooo.
Coz, by screamin out (like ur mom when she got holed by two niggaz front and back), u r tellin us dat u r f u c kin helpless.hahaha, helpless gettit?We got u down on ur knees whoreson, down on ur knees like how ur mom went down in fronta my d ick pleaaaadin me to let her s uck it(ohhhh plssss).Haha, see how helpless u r?Da best u can do is start threads tryin to be da naagaz, coz u wanna be us, but u cant man, we r up there while u chin deep in sh it, like dos da big american had in ur mom's face coz he has sh it fetish(and ur mom too, c'mon she has all da fetish in da world, coz she's a mother f uckin slut).And no matter how many lame a ss threads u start, how many comments u make tryin to be us, how hard u scream(like ur mom did when a guy wif an 18 inch di ck juz wanted to fire away like a sub machine gun and would not stop), how hard u complain, how hard u attempt to insult us, u noe wat we will do to u for dat?
We'll juz spit at ur face when u r down on ur knees and laugh at it too.Mebbe we'll unzip, cum all over ur face and step on it, juz to make u smile, smilin b astard...:), like watcha wanna do.Haha hei useless f ucker, u call urself a son? u cant even defend ur own parents frm words.So wateva it is, ur mom is STILL gonna get sc rewed by da motherf ucking universe(even da aliens will not let pass da chance of f uckin a honourless b itch 4 free).Hei, i even heard dat ur grandpa sc rewed her when ur dad was away at work(which is pimpin, should i say?).Ya and da 11 yr old kid next door got fascinated wif ur mom's pussy - he neednt ask 4 permission, ur mom got sooooo horny at da tot of a small di ck in her pu ssy.Haha, so guess u would haf had ur shot at her pu ssy too(tsk tsk, dat bad).Ok, son of a honourless, shameless, lifeless, bit cha ss sl ut, hu'll fu ck 4 free coz she loves it sooo much, try defendin ur mom.Haha we noe u cant do dat, coz u r DAT DAMNED HELPLESS....AGAINST US
So go on, lewser, continue doin ur stuff, continue posin to be us, tryin out our nicks like ur dad was tryin out condoms 4 his uncircumsized, shapeless d i ck.Go on ass, continue ur stuff, coz u noe wat, we aint gonna give a f u cking damn

DELEGATION FROM HELL which s crewed ur mom 24 times, member by member, we took turns in da b itch's mouth, Naagaz - venom incorporated, we turned blood into cum 4 da s lut, and dan da next time we ring da doorbell of ur home to do ur mom again, we'll turn da cum to venom and kill ur mom wid it, want worse? we'll spit and piss on her dead carcass and flush it down da toilet bowl, so next time we wag our d icks at ur mom, smilin b astard, be sure to pull da b itch away, be4 we do her away.


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