How to Make TamilNadu(Chennai) to Best state!!!!!

Topic started by Puratchi Tamilan. (@ on Tue Mar 2 23:10:11 EST 2004.
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Discussing the practical ways

To make Corruption free Place and to get the best Service from the Govt. to people(including Good Water)

1. Need to take Strong Action or Campaign on Population Increase.

2. Forget about all top political parties and select only educated people to power(IAS, Engineers,political science graduates)

3.Filing Public Interest Cases Whenever you see something wrong in the society due to corrupt politicians.( ex: Russian company filed a case against TN govt when they were demanding huge bribe for the upcoming project of Converting sea water into Drinking water)

4.All Educated guys form a association and campaign in vilaages to bring awareness againt over population , Bribery ,Selecting the Right person in Power.

5.Young people has to be motivated to come to Politics with Good Service Mind.

And the Practical Ideas goes on.. Whne you Start Action....

lets Start !!!


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