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I support your move to curtail certain threads from appearing in sections in which they don’t belong and are also incendiary in nature. But what I would suggest is that instead using an arbitrary rule of thump that you guys post a rules of netiquette for this forum hub so that completely harmless thraeds such as

Eelam Solution – Sovereign or Confederate State ?
Topic started by Periyar Arivar (@ spider-tq051.proxy.aol.com)

Are not deleted by mistake.

Anyway I alos urge you guys to take action against those who indulge in

And thrashing

Otherwise completely legitimate threads

For example

In this completely legitimate thread in Tamil History forum

Etymology of Tamil word Mangai
Topic started by I (@ h66-59-174-253.gtconnect.net) on Fri Jan 11 15:18:08 .
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Does anyone know

A frequent hubber under the handle “Nisala’ writes

From: Nisala (@ on: Mon Jan 14 19:27:55

If it has nothing to do with suicide-bombing, then it has no place in Tamil Eelam.

Trying t turn it into a political hate thread

Another example

In a completely legit thread on Tamil history

Tamilaham and its influence in Maldives
Topic started by (@ h66-59-174-253.gtconnect.net) on Fri Dec 14 13:55:18 .
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Many people have heard about Malaitheevu but not know much about it. I have started this thread to discuss about the influence of Tamilaham in Maldives and to open our eyes to a long neglected area

The same handle writes

From: Nisala (@ on: Wed Jan 16 13:28:41

5. Maldivians cannot be true Eelavars because they do not teach their children how to use firearms. The most they can ever thus hope to be are ordinary Tamils.

Another attempt at historic inquiry into mudslinging and name calling.

Not only do you have to curtail hate threads but also mischief makers whose only aim is destroy the valuable source of information that we have built in this Chat forum. Some of the threads have been of so much value they have been linked in other websites. Let us try to keep the ‘value’ of this forum from deteriorating.

A forumhubber


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