Resurgence of Buddhism in India?

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A mass conversion to Buddhism was took place at Delhi last day. A lot more conversions at state levels are planned in the coming day as per its Organisers. This conversion was in line with the ideology of Mr.Ambedkar who converted to Buddhism in the last phase of his life. After his death the conversion to Buddhism didnít continue among his followers till the recent movement.
In Kerala, social leaders like C.V Kunjiraman and many others advocated that the non- Brahminist Hindus shall go back to the Buddhism. But during the period of freedom struggle, he could not develop it to a movement.
One or two years back noted Malayalam poet Sri.Balachandran Chullikkad announced his conversion to Buddhism. But that was an individual act.
Now the organisers of this mass conversion are trying to convert SC/ST people and other backward caste people to Buddhism en-masse.
Though some of the Hindus consider Buddha as an incarnation of Vishnu, the conversion to Buddhism was strongly opposed by the Hindutwa forces. They want to crush down this movement at any cost.
Will the presnt movement lead to a resurgence of Buddhism in India? Or will the Hindutwa forces be successful in burying it before grow up? Or will this movement die down due to lack of proper leadership


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