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I got a great story to tell you all for Valentine's Day. It's a story out of Buddhism, translated from the Pali, or Sanskrit (for your convenience):

Ananda, the favorite disciple of the Buddha,
having been sent by the Lord on a mission,
passed by a well near a village,
and seeing Pakati, a girl of the Matanga caste,
he asked her for water to drink. [1]

Pakati said:
"O Brahman, I am too humble and mean
to give thee water to drink,
do not ask any service of me
lest thy holiness be contaminated,
for I am of low caste." [2]

And Ananda replied:
"I ask not for caste but for water;"
and the Matanga's girl's heart leaped joyfully
and she gave Ananda to drink. [3]

Ananda thanked her and went away;
but she followed him at a distance. [4]

Having heard that Ananda was a disciple of Gotama Sakyamuni,
the girl repaired to the Blessed One:
"O Lord help me, and let me live in the place
where Ananda thy disciple dwells,
so that I may see him and minister unto him,
for I love Ananda."

And the Blessed One understood
the emotions of her heart and he said:
"Pakati, thy heart is full of love,
but thou understandest not thine own sentiments.
It is not Ananda that thou lovest, but his kindness.
Accept, then, the kindness thou hast seen him practise unto thee,
and in the humility of thy station practice it unto others.

"Verily there is great merit in the generosity of a king
when he ignores the wrongs which he suffers
and cherishes kindness and good-will to all mankind.
He will cease to hate his oppressors,
and even when powerless to resist their usurpation
will with compassion pity their arrogance and supercilious demeanour.

"Blessed art thou, Pakati,
for though thou art a Matanga
thou wilt be a model for noblemen and noblewomen.
Thou art of low caste, but Brahmans may learn a lesson from thee.
Swerve not from the path of justice and righteousness
and thou wilt outshine the royal glory of queens on the throne."


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