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Dear Devotee, Hindus , NGOS :-

I would like to ask some question to clarified my doubt which recently took part in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia.
Date: 21/04/2003 time 5.30 till 7.20
Temple President : Mr Kana (If not mistaken)

dear reader,
If u past by or on the way to Kuala Kangsar Town area u'll see new Shivan temple (acctually old but reconstruct) and the temple is still in construction but daily pooja is going own ( I'm not sure it ca be done like that or not as far as i remember any poojas must be conducted after MAHA KUMBASHIGAM).

ON 21/04/2003 i went to that temple and misunderstanding start with me and temple presiden (self elected)when i make an anti-clockwise turn around Navargraha. ( MY belief for quit a long time and i do not know the acttual way till today becose of many verses)

The temple presiden called me and asked me not to make an anticlockwise turn but i reply its my belief and i'm practicing for a quit a long time.

Then the temple presiden reply "If you want to turn anti-clockwise turn u should get out and find any other temple which allow you to do so)

I was shocked and asked him temple is own by comunity must have comitee ,anual meeting and so on. He told me that he is building this temple on his own land and he is using 100% own money. That mean no donation from outside.

And i was wondering how goverment can approve an individual to build such a big town area and managed a temple? That temple is opened place anybody will come archanai and mke donation. Although this guy told me he is not accepting any donation but there is "Undial" and what about archanai money. Its Seem like there are making money with temple.
U can claim ur not using the money foe personel purpose but how far it can be true.

Logically there are some indian willing to throw RM 10 000 and even more although it seldom happen but it could...who going take the money. Is this individual can buy new land in other city and built temple again claiming using own money?

All Hindus please do open your eye and please adress your objection to local goverment . And we should fight for implementation of new law

And for your information this temple presiden also managing another Vinayagar temple (unluckly its having comitee ) and his wife is presiden and they are going to take over another mariaman temple all on Kuala Kangsar. The Ceylonese Domination and the gopuram , gurukal all is according to them one day our child are going to feel tamilans are poor and neglected society if we allow this thing.

OM NAMA SHIVAYA..............


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