Is there any way to prepare for marriage?

Topic started by Ellen (@ on Tue Apr 22 13:13:11 .
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How do these young people get married? I don't get it. Hey, I sure am not ready and some of my friends at work got married when they were 21, 20, etc and they are my age. I just can't imagine having 2 kids by now. I'm thinking they either must have had some super parents as role models, they weren't really contemplating on it, or they are really nice people who love eachother and can't wait anymore. I've got to hand it to them...they work so hard with kids at home.

For almost everything in life, we can prepare and then take a test and pass, giving us permit to drive, certify in programming, degree in designing, engineering, medicine, law, etc, etc, etc.

But for family life, marriage,having kids, society doesn't seem to emphasize preparation.


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