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I’m from Italy and I’m looking for an information I absolutely don’t know where to find it. I’m writing an Italian translation of the book “Guru and Disciple” by Swami Abhishiktananda about Sri Gnanananda of Tirukoyilur (Tamil Nadu), that will be soon published. There at once the author speaks about a certain Prince Navalu whom Gnanananda met in the Perambalur Forest. This happened at least in 1700 or before. Can you help me to find who was this prince Navalu? From the text he seems to have been quite a famous man! I’ve been looking in all the books and everywhere I could, but I couldn’t find the slightest information about this king!
I write you here exactly what is written in the book:

“The Guru is at least two hundred years old. I have heard him say that one day he was seated in samadhi near his hermitage at Anangur in the forest of Perambalur, when prince Navalu came there to hunt deer; but on catching sight of him, the prince was terror-struck and fled. How could that have happened, if he was only born in the last century?”
This is written in Swami Abhishiktananda’s “Guru and Disciple” ISPCK, Delhi, 2000, page 26.


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