anti-slim southerners???

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well guyz, if u wanna noe more about wat i'm tryin to say....
here are the typical scenarios....

1) you go to ur grandma's place for vacation n she goes "oh my gosh.... u've lost so much weight"

2) you visit ur aunt and she goes "hei.... u shud put on more weight"

3) u go to a wedding and pple go "ur so skinny, the sari doesn't suit u.."

i mean, how funky does it look, when u wear a sari n all ur flabs show on ur tummy? whoever gave them the impression that saris were not meant for thin gals???

one woman went "ewwk... ur collar bones r visible!"... r pple here aware that it's thought to be awesomely sexy in other countries if ur collar bones show?

and do u noe how embarassing it is to have fat actresses who look clumsy in their outfits? my overseas friends ask me "how come tamil actresses r fat??" n i dunno how to answer them!!!


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