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Topic started by S. Pandiyan on Tue Feb 15 12:51:11 .
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All these flames and fires on Aryans & Dravidians are for those who have a lot of hatred in them, for politicians who try to stir up hatred in people and get a few votes. I am what you Dravidian/Aryan fighters would call a mixed breed. One parent is a Brahmin and another parent is a non-Brahmin. All I care about is where Tamil Nadu is going today. I don't have the luxury of you NRIs who can do all this armchair
pseudo-intellectualism without lifting a single finger to help.

I have a question. Since the entire Aryam invasion is a myth, what is there to fight about? Or is it just that you are looking for a cause to fight about? Here are some worthy causes: poverty and education. Please do something about it with your dollars. It will help you get rid of your hate too. Thank you.


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