Legal issues regarding abandoned property and house in Jaffna

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This is our situation. We are Sri Lankan tamils from Jaffna, and my parents moved to Norway 25 years ago. At home my grandfather lived, but he passed away 6 years ago, and since then some strangers has moved into our house and lived there since. My mom had some distant family who took rent for this house, but she has stopped receiving rent some years ago, and we have just let the house be.
Now that the conditons there are better, my mom plan to move back for periods, but the people who live in our house wont leave the property. Half a year ago they told us they would be moving by the new year 2004, but now they refuse to move at all unless we give them 1 000 000 kr, around 8-9 000 000 rupees. Does anyone have any idea on how to handle this. My mom contacted her distant relative, but she said its noen of her business. Last year my uncle went there, n were supposed to stay in the house, but hey wudnt let him.
We are in Norway, and would like some advice on how to proceed further, to reclaim our house and property. Have any of you been in similar situation or have any advice that could help us, please reply (who to contact etc.). Thank you


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