Kalpana Chawla and all the crew members of Shuttle Columbia are presumed dead

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This is a profoundly tragic event for the whole of international space community, that the Space shuttle Colubia should have disintegrated and subsequently exploded while going through the Shuttle landing phase.

It is said that in the 42 years of NASA space programme history, it hasn't lost any crew member while rtrying to land, though NASA had lost some astronauts while take-off like the one happened with challenger back in 1986.

Its Very tragic for the indian community sice we were all proud of the acheivements of Kalpana Chawla, the first Indian woman astronaut. Her dreamy eyes and the elite poise she wears during her recorded interviews prior to this mission were evoking poignant and moist feelings.

She would remain a great symbol and role model for young indian women who aspire to go beyond the stars, both literally and as a metaphor.

This is a sad moment for all indians and for the people who believed that Humans are destined to reach far and beyond the stars and galaxies.

Let us send our deepest condolences and sympathies for the families of all the astronauts, who were in all perspectives were messengers and angels of Human development and persistence.


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