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hi all,

my name is aparna and i am a newcomer in this hub. i wud like 2 kno ur opinions about 2 serials swapnam and swantham which r shown on asianet everyday from monday to friday.

swantham says the story of a patient brother, rahul nellikaad and his stubborn sister, sandra nellikaad. krishnakumar plays the role of rahul while chandra laxman plays sandra. other stars include shalu menon (who was emil), kiran gafur (swathi), srinath (moorthy), shiju (anand moorthy), sangeeta (lena), sarath and many others.

swapnam says the story of janaki vishwanathan and her dearest daughter gouri. praveena plays the role of janaki while baby suneesha plays gouri. other stars include srividhya (jani's mom), prem prakash (jani's dad), suresh krishna (jani's husband), anup (jani's lover) and so on.

i am a regular viewer of both these serials. i like both of them very much. i think both the serials r going 2 b over soon.

wat do u guys think about these serials?


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