Writing ones Gurus or Chosen Deities Name Continually Over and Over

Topic started by Skanthavelu Nadarajah (@ edtntnt6-port-50.dial.telus.net) on Sat Aug 17 23:51:02 .
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Tonight, I was speaking to the person I will be living with next year and during the conversation,
he told me about this practise of writing the Guru Name or Chosen Deities Name over and over.
ie in my case: Om Karunamayi Namah Om Karunamayi Namah Om Karunamayi Namah Om Karunamayi Namah..
Does anyone know what the name of this practise is and what the benifits are? Supposedly, alot of good benifits come like all the boons will come etc.. I hope someone can help me. Jai Karunamayi!


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