The Killer WESTERN Civilization

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The Killer Western Civilisation

Jahangir Mohammed

Muslims, their religion, and Prophet (peace be upon him) have always been linked with violence by the Crusading Europeans. So the recent diatribe against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as "warmongers" and as being inherently violent should come as no surprise.

These attacks are well calculated and serve a number of purposes: -

To de-legitimise Muslim resistance to oppression.

To ensure that weaker Muslims side with the West in the war against Islam and Muslims.

To turn the general public against Islam / Muslims and gain support for military policies against them.

Part of this campaign also involves portraying Christianity, Judaism and other religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism; as well as secular Judeo-Christian civilization, as peaceful, non-violent, and tolerant of others. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. An examination of the West’s (Christian Europe’s) history reveals that it is a civilization built on loot, plunder, intolerance and the genocide of others. The Christian Europeans have been the greatest mass murderers of all time.

Let us start with the Crusades (although even before Europe’s history is one of constant war with each other). The massacres and bloodshed committed by the crusaders against innocent civilians (in many cases non-Muslims) before they even reached Muslims, is now well documented. So too is the slaughter of Muslims.

Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years, a period recognised for tolerance, learning and laying of foundations for scientific and cultural advance in Europe. The Christian Europeans launched their genocide against Muslims and Jews, and eliminated Islam and Muslims from Spain. This they did this through forced conversion to Christianity, expulsion or liquidation. After 800 years the Christian Europeans left not one Muslim to tell the tale. This genocide in history, they refer politely to as the Spanish "Inquisition" or the "Reconquista". So intolerant are the Europeans that these 800 years of their history, even today is missing from most history books nor taught in schools and universities.

Then there was the violence of colonialism and the transatlantic slave trade. The latter, being one of the most evil episodes in human history. Millions of Africans were forcibly removed from their homeland and transported near naked to unfamiliar and inhospitable lands. Some 28 million made it to these new lands. Some four million died in Africa on the long marches and wars in between, never reaching the ships. It is further estimated that some 20-30 % of Africans died on the ships, of disease and exhaustion, and no records exist of these poor souls. These Africans endured 400 years of slave labour in America and Europe until 1865 (only 137 years ago).

Thanks to the works of recent historians we now know that up to 30 % of these slaves were Muslims. The tale of how these brothers and sisters of ours were treated and stripped of their culture and religion is recorded in "Servants of Allah". The tales of how these Muslims tried to keep up their faith under the most terrible conditions of force, until Islam in America was wiped out, is deeply moving. For their country’s role in this African Holocaust, successive British governments have refused to even offer an apology. In the United States, the end of slavery did not mean equal treatment for the descendants of these Africans. For that they had to wait until the 1960’s. Now with this impressive history of treating people equally (some 40 years) the US believes it is the rightful leader of the world, vanguard of civilization and human rights!

The history of Christian European Colonialism, and occupation of the lands of others (which they call "settlement" and "settlers") is also littered with the corpses of other peoples. There are no reliable figures for the violence unleashed upon the world by European colonialists. Violence has been associated with all Empires, but what is unique about the Europeans were the genocides they inflicted on civilian populations they conquered; and the how they systematically destroyed the culture, religion, identity and way of life of peoples.

Two examples illustrate the violent and brutal mentality these Europeans possessed. The Red Indian population who were the original inhabitants of America numbered some 40 million. By the time the Europeans finished with them there were less than one million, and their lands had been stolen. The Indians being peace-loving people made many agreements with the Europeans, none of which were kept by the invaders. Interestingly, when it was too late the Indians also launched "suicide missions" against the enemy.

Aborigines had inhabited Australia for around 40,000 years. There were one million of them when the British arrived (likely to be a gross underestimate). By the time the British finished massacring them, there were 60,000 left. When they stopped killing them physically, they adopted a new policy at the beginning of last century, of stealing Aborigine children from their parents and giving them to white families or Christian missions to bring up, so that they could eradicate their Aboriginal culture and language.

The legal principle adopted by the British and Australians until 1992, to steal land from these innocent peace loving people was "Terra Nullius"; that the land was empty before the British arrived, and belonged to no one, so it could be legitimately taken over. Since 1992 the Australian government has fought off legal claims for return of land to Aborigines. So why are we surprised that the European Jews, that other half of western civilization, stole Palestinian land using the same tried and tested method of "settlement" and principle of "a land without a people for a people without a land". Whilst the Australians have yet to treat their own inhabitants equally, they now think they are qualified to teach Muslims how to deal justly with others.

Bloodshed was not confined to occupation of lands. True to form, when the colonizers were forced to leave occupied lands, they killed mercilessly too. Those that resisted their theft and occupation were always known as "terrorists", regardless of whether they were Africans, Red Indians, Indians, Arabs or Muslims. The French butchered one million innocent Algerian Muslims before they were forced out.

Violence and killing extended to within their own boundaries too. The European Christians invented World Wars. They were not content with World War One, in which there were 10 million dead or missing military casualties, and 22 million wounded (no figures are available for civilians casualties). In the Second World War, they went further and there were 61 million military and civilian deaths alone, with no figures available for wounded. They even massacred those they now love most, the European Jews, six million of them. Not surprising then, that it is the European Christians and Jews that developed weapons of mass (nuclear) destruction, and are the only ones to use them on civilians. With such a history of mass murder they needed such weapons to liquidate people efficiently and quickly. And it is they, and their European offspring in Israel, who are likely to use them again, not Muslims.

The Judeo-Christian European Western civilization also seems particular adept at manufacturing ideologies that are anti-human and lead to mass slaughter. The worlds most evil and exploitative ideologies have all emanated from Europe. The crusades, slavery, colonialism, nationalism, fascism, communism, capitalism, globalisation, organised racism, Apartheid and Zionism. Estimates for the number of people killed just under Soviet Communist rule is put at 75 million.

Europe’s history is littered with violence, bloodshed and warmongering. In particular Christian Europeans have never tolerated anyone who was a different culture, race or religion to them. Nowhere in western European societies do we find communities of other cultures surviving, unlike the Islamic world where other religious and cultural communities flourish and have existed for centuries. With this record of peace from 1945 –1992 (War in Europe started again in former Yugoslavia in 1992), just 47 years, the Europeans seek to convince the world they are peaceful peoples, and qualified to bring peace to the world. With this record, we should not be surprised that they can kill 500,000 Iraqi children without an ounce of remorse.

The above is just a glimpse of Christian Europe’s blood lust. One could also analyse their role in bringing economic enslavement to peoples outside their borders. They have reaped havoc on the economies of Africa and India. They have plundered South and Latin America and reduced their people to primitive bartering economies. They have turned some south Asian countries into prostitution economies. Not satisfied with robbing much of the wealth of Muslims, they are turning their killer and thieving instincts once again to Arabs and Muslims, particularly in the Middle East and Eurasia. They have laid the foundations for the oncoming genocide against Arabs and Muslims, by successfully demonising and dehumanising them, as they have always done with all their victims.

Those that accuse Islam of being inherently violent, should search through the annals of history and consider why Muslims have never carried out atrocities on this scale. When 3000 people died in the World Trade Centre attacks, the West and their Muslim mouthpieces asked, "Why is there so much hate in the Muslim world?"; and "Muslims need to examine their own societies and reform Islam". If the deaths of 3000 elicit such questions, then after examining Europe’s history of mass killings we are entitled to ask Judeo-Christian civilization; why do you hate other human beings so much that you liquidate them in millions? Why are you so intolerant of people of other faiths, races and cultures? And lastly, why do you not undergo a period of self-examination to discover why you possess such killer instincts? We also say that your claim to the mantle of leadership of the world, and the title of justice seekers, peacemakers and champions of human rights are undeserved. The weight of history is against you. Those confused Muslims and peoples of the world that plead you for justice and peace are swimming against the tide of history.

And in case the answer to these questions eludes you, the reason you reap such death and destruction on the planet, is that you are far removed from the teachings of God and his messengers including Moses and Jesus. Muslims need Islam to rise as a source of power on this earth to prevent and keep in check the killer instincts of the Judeo-Christian Europeans (especially against Muslims). The Africans and the South Americans need Islam to rise. Indeed the world needs Islam and Muslims to rise to save it from Judeo-Christian inspired economic and military Armageddon.

Jahangir Mohammed is the Director of the Centre for Muslim Affairs, based in the UK


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