Emergence of virulent Hindutva

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The "reverse discrimination" emanating from the reservation policy of the government for the improvement of the `backward' and `scheduled' castes is said to be the reason for the brahmins' recent slide from prominence. With this economic slide and the increasing boycott of brahmins in socio-ritual contexts by the non-brahmins, the basic organizing principles of the traditional Hindu society have come to be challenged seriously.[*1]
The most fundamental rule of power and authority in the caste system, that the lower castes must serve the privileged ones, is earnestly confronted. Though Brahmins, who constitute roughly fifteen percent of the Indian population along with other 'upper' castes, may not form a homogenous social or political group at the national level, and do have significant number of progressive-minded individuals, leaders and organizations, the brahmanical orthodoxy is afraid of losing even the 'ritual hegemony' it presently has. Consequently, these reactionary forces panic to react, and the emergence of virulent hindutva should be seen at this backdrop.
[1] J. Radha Krishna, Brahmans of India. Allahabad: Chugh Publications, 1987. p. 195.


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