Comments made by tamils on forum about women of east indian decent targetted by whites on this forum

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The comment was that women of East Indian Decent are influenced by exposure to western culture. Another female made mention of suspicions in comments and another reflected on how the British divide and ruled us on our own divisions.

Well I am a female of east indian decent and have been exposed to women from many other countries with people of east indian decent. What I have to say is that not all countries of people from east indian decent are westernized. Some are very primative where the only difference between the traditional indian culture and that culture is more between traditional indian dressing and westernized dressing, some variations in food and definitely lost of some main parts of Indian and Tamil languages.

I note general statements of Guyanese and Trinidad women. There are distinct differences and I hope this does not bring bickering between these two country women which is probably one of the objectives of this set up. Trinidad is a multiracial country whereas Guyana is not. The Indians in Guyana is alot more traditional and conservative than the Trinidadian women and it goes way way beyond wrapping a saree. Even a Trinidadian man would admit to this. The villages in both countries have the same culture to the same extent with respect to traditional and conservatism as in the villages of India. Like in India, times have also changed and so it has been in Guyana and Trinidad in the last 15 years. years.

I saw the trap in the recent thread was about and deliberately stayed away from it, but after a particular response, thought I could no more. I also knew it was patiently awaited for someone to say such countries are westernised, it will quickly be agreed upon. Mind you, this thread was long procured. It started when claims in other threads opened focused on getting Indian and Tamils from the east to look down the Tamils and Indians in other countries where it is known by those whites who opended the threads, that such things do happen. What it does for them, is to justify their actions.

Sorry to say, but Indians and Indian and Lankan Tamils might be shocked to find that most of the people of east indians decent are closely adhered to culture and traditions that many in Indian today.


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