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Malayalam Samaachaaram was the first newspaper in Malayalam published from Thalassery by Hermann Gundert who incidently compiled the first Malayalam grammar and dictionary.

I'm starting a conversation thread for those who can read Malayalam for discussing Kerala matters.

I shall post my comments in Malayalam. To read my comments in Malayalam, please go to the 'Tools' option from the top bar of the browser(IE, I think Netscape also has), go to 'Internet options' or'Preferences', Choose 'Fonts' button and from the left hand side list choose 'AkrutiMalKamini' font and click OK options. Now you will able to see all the text matter in Malayalam, including English content. Below I'm giving a sample test. See it for yourself.

skjUf Ejg pQfgxcld Slevgb ofJmgf DNfQeb skjUfxu jeTd^BrQ kejR V& xVe Zjg sJof.
Xvfg slegld kgNg xkeg J&ecevb hNQe FJfxB EUg GekgxceCd. Xe?

Now, follow the procedures to read the comment.


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