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Islam is scientific and this is the main reason for an increasing number of westerners coming to its fold. They feel that Islam has solutions to their problems. Of 6666 verses in the Holy Quran, more than 1000 speak on scientific facts. Islam is the fastest growing religion in US and European countries. despite the strident anti-Islam campaign, 34000 Americans have embraced Islam in last 10 months. The people with vested interests accuse Islam of subjugating women. The reply to this is 65% of the new converts in West are women! Islam offers practical solutions to various problems facing the West such as crime, adultery, alcoholism and filial ingratitude.
All Muslims cannot be branded as terrorists. Before our Bharath achieved its independence, all our freedom fighters were called terrorists by the British rulers, while the suppressed people considered the rulers to be terrorists.
It is alleged that Islam was spread in the world on the power of sword. Afghanis (the Muslim grandsons of Gandhari) and Kirgistanis ruled Bharath for centuries, but even their capital Delhi is dominated by Hindu believers! Those who need clarification may contact islam@irf.net


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