whats ur opinion on the ban on cow-slaughter?

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dearest indians,
The spirit of Indian Freedom is sad.she is worried about the foolish move of the govt to ban cow slaughter.i will be ashamed to be called an indian if the ban is approved.coz India is the rich mixture of many religions.we should respect others religion and not force them to follow our customs.it will be a great injustice done to the golden title "secular india".iam a christian and i just dunno what to do if the country moves like this.hey ihavent forced any brother hindu of mine to take meat.i respect his sentiments.so if he doesnt like touching meat i wouldnt eat in front of him.y does the govt want to start a revolt here?what r its intentions?this is the foolishness,narrowmindedness and stupidity of the govt who represent the secular india.already revolts have broken out in madhya pradesh between hindus and muslims.is this right? who knows someone might have raised this issue to hurt national integrity.suppose if u were working in a country that used meat and u dont use it,and then the country puts up a rule that all should use meat,what would u do?iam saying that no country especially ones that breeds people of many religions would frame a rule like this.y the hell should india go for this one?if the ban is approved we will be used as model nation by other countries to enforce rules that are liked by the majority of people living in these countries and force the minorities to follow them .would u like this issue to have a serious international impact?the govt shouldnt act so irresponsible.think and act fast before its too late.
jai hind.


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