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What do you and who do you tell when you had it all taken from you and prevented from doing something about it or telling people about it for many many years while oppression and damages continued to be inflicted upon you on high and growing scales?

Ormila was(to some extent still) a PRETTY, ATTRACTIVE, INTELLIGENT, CONFIDENT young lady who had it all going for her, just before she went to Britain to be a law student, having completed her Bachelors in Canadian Public Administration with good reputation at a Canadian University.

During her time in Britain, Ormila was raped(mainly be Leeds uni) of the following:

i)Her High Intellectual Ability
ii)Financial assets
iii)Her strength
iv)Her beauty and all else she was/is endowed with before she went to Britain
v)Ormila suffered trauma upon trauma - where her strength was abused/misused - via various crimes -ranging from burglary, computing, theft, undermining of her studies(for which there are concrete evidences)and all her efforts
vi)Ormila has been suffering with severe Trauma between 1996 to 2002, but could not get medical treatement in Britain, until she came back to Canada in November 2002 when she had her first peaceful night sleep with medical support by an Indian doctor. Ormila coped all those years alone.
vii)Ormila's dignity
viii)The damage done to Ormila has serious implications for her future which has been very traumatic for Ormila. No one on this forum can imagin the extent of that - yet Ormila managed to cover it and keep a head up and had the grace to fight on. The odd time Ormila uses swear words when for others, it could have been the Slaughtering or Murdering of many English people.
viv)blocked and simultaneously blackmailed and slandered, geared to undermined her success in studies at Sussex and her court actions.

Ormila has been Traumatised between 1996 to 2002. She suffered Trauma upon Trauma in each of these years. She was enslaved - worked 18 hours per day, each day of the year with no holdidays or breaks. She had no chance for fresh air or exerice - in addition to the hard number of hours of wrok imposed on ormila, she feared to leave her residences - she felt she would be burgled. The first sign that this took effect was when Ormila collapsed in 1999 and was taken to hospital. She was low in Oxygen.

The ordeal did not end in Leeds, it continued in Sussex when Leeds uni paid agents to come out behind Ormila. All Ormila's court actions were undermined between 1996 to 2002, even when she took time away from her studies to deal with it.

It will take Ormila, many many years to give details of what she suffered in those seven years that brought her to the condition she now sufferes with. Ormila had no life in Britain in those years. She was not even able to have friends of her level - she had to compromise with what came along - both males and females. Ormila had lost her self-esteem.

Now Ormila is slowly trying to rebuild her life and she knows many things she cannot now dream of having for the time has passed.

Instead of referring to Ormila as Lunatic, paranoid etc., try to understand the debt to which she has suffered and the implications for her life - the trauma that she lives and copes with in her daily life while she stays strong to move on. If Ormila feel that justice must be done, that is her prerogative. Only Ormila and Ormila must know what and what she suffered.

Just hearing about what Ormila underwent, will outrage any, so imagine what it is for a person like Ormila, directly involved.

Ormila will not be back on forum, but she hopes that all of you will get the chance to hear her full story one day. For those of you who once had contact with Ormila, my advice is to leave Ormila alone. Ormila needs to be away from everyone on this forum.

Ormila Can’t convince any one of her extraordinary over 7 years of the most terrible experiences in Britain. The poor girl is even ashamed and afraid to let it all out and as a result she is not taken seriously. Imagine her degree if suffering.

Admins, I promise, Ormila will not comeback nor will she read any post on FH as of today. Notwithstanding, to understand Ormila's grief against English people, she ask that the following post remain howerver silly it may sound. Let it stand in the hope that Ormila
will not come back:

An Englisman will always be an Englishman

For those who have had the chance to live in England and for some years, have common stories and jokes about an Englishman:

i)On one occassion, I was sitting with an Indian guy and his girlfriend from eastern Europe while the news was on - an Englishman was involved in some squandal - as the Englishman spoke with his upper class accent and well convincing, the eastern european woman said 'Its all lies you are telling'. Meanwhile the Indian guy, refused to rent his room advertised, to an English. He said 'English' with a certain expression on his face and followed on to say 'If I had my free will, I will Fu#k up all these English people.

NB. I never revealed my story to these two people, but their words, gave me some sense of belonging-I was not alone in my experience.

ii)My French class-mate said to me 'I know a long time ago since I was working in France, when you are dealing with English people, you have to be
very careful/ She was prepared before she went to England to study law.

iii)Other have said, An English man may even Farth the right way and have the best table manners, but those people are worthless. You should see them when they stick their necks in the air and walk with their brief case, they think they are lords, those ...

NB. I saw it somewhere that Ghandhiji wrote 'In my early years, I wnated my children to be brough up like an Englishman, only to later realise, the low worth of an Englishman'.

iv)From what I have seen, they can lick your feet to hide the truth, because, they must always look the best. They can never truly be the best.

Therefore, you Englishmen on forum, you have to do alot more to convince Indian Fhers of all. The more I read of you, the more I see you as a real piece of 'shi#'. It is best for you to just go. Remember too, Mad Cow came from you as was discovered by an Indian doctor in Britain and then the British government took credit for the findings of the Indian Doctor.

O English you Suck so much and most of the world resent you. Its best to make peace than to let your last be at stake. The world knows the truth, why come on this forum to manipulate peaceful Indian people?

You thought because I am Indian I would stay quiet to all the violations, the very reason I decided not to accept.


PS. I am aware that many, other than my opponents, do not read everything posted, only what they can when they get time, so not all responses should be taken seriously.


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