How East Indians are treated Today by English and their Indian Counterparts from India

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Many of East Indian descent have one time or the other come across Indians from India who give us direct indications that we are less worthy than they are, treat us like untouchables - go away from me. I was not the only one noticing this, in the caste thread someone had indirectly referred to her as a racist. This particular Fhers also noticed her other behaviour showing lack of respect and commented on it on hat Christian missionary tread now taken off. I later found the same. A recent example was on various parts of this very forum, where the same individual tried her at most best to do the same in almost every place. Yes, another fher noticed her false statements (in the recent 'racists attack' thread, also now taken off) and attempt to correct that, but the reasons behind it was not addressed.

If the recent Indians in and from India think they are superior they have it wrong. They state and conditions under which they live indicate to me they are paying for their deeds - what they have done to the lower caste. Looking at the statement of the East Indians, it is clear to be they have gained Salvation. Not only are they united be it Hindus, Muslims or Christians, you can see grace in them which explains a better attitude. It is also better to be serve and be exploited that to be the ruler and the exploiter.

Then we see people more than likely to be from the lower caste from India(taking advantage because we can't prove or disprove it here), the very people fighting caste system who tried to demean East Indians in a particular those from the West Indies, Guyana and Surinam. There are websites on East Indians from all these countries, but only Guyana is selected because it is realised that I am Guyanese. Now she tries to sell what she could well be propaganda as I pointed out in the thread now removed (racists attacks) in the last 24 hours.

What this forum is allowing to promote allows for racism and I will not doubt draw this to the attention of Guyanese authorities when I will also draw their attention to other threads including those removed.

Personally, over the last year I have been harassed on this forum by English people and Indians from India which helped me to make that decision yesterday to leave this forum. The Indian female doing that here is proven to be nothing but a lawless uncultured ....


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