The plight of Junior Advocates...the unpaid lads !

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Many young Advocates working as Junior Advocates after all the years of study in the lawcolleges, practically receive nothing as payment either from his/her senior advocate nor the client of the senior. Many successful seniors employ dozens of juniors with no or meagre payment, under the guise that they are learning and he is giving them an oppurtunity...this is a grave injustice. Seniors get the court cost including the Junior fees and give nothing to the Junior who actually worked the case. Without these junior advocates, many senior advocates today could not have attended more than one case a is the juniors who run to all courts and he receives practically nothing at all. The Junior Advocates need some common organization and need much public support in this issue. Otherwise the lads really good at law will find it difficult to exist. This is the reason for many malpractises in the legal field today.


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