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What did great tamil poets like Appar, Sundarar, Mannickavasagar and Sambandhar feel about Sanskrit?

Surely they are not people like Periyar who call tamil Kaatu Murandi Baashai .

Periyar never liked Tamil. Why even Anna has composed a book called Kambarasam where he criticises Kambar.

But our DMK pals have been spreading false knowledge about Tamil. Muslims and Christians are also the mercenaries involved.

Not our divine poets. That is why they are divine.
They never recognised any Aryan or Dravidian stuff perpetrated by the Christian academics. They are saints.

thiruththoNDar purANam
panniraNDAm thirumuRai


thenRamizum vaDakalaiyum thEcikamum pEcuvana
manRiniDai n^aDampuriyum vaLLalaiyE poruLAka
onRiya meyyuNarvODum uLLurugip pADuvAr
panRiyuDan puL kANAp paramanaiyE pADuvAr


Taking the words of southern thamiz, northern art and words of knowledgeable, in which the Generous, Who dances in the dais, is the substance, with unified true feeling sings with the inside melting. They are the ones who are the singers of the Supreme unseen to pig and bird.


1. For the worship of God what is more important is sincerity. Both thamiz as well as sanskrit are used for worship in olden days. Without bias devotees need to realize that the usage of these languages is to praise the glory of God. (For that matter any language other than these two too.) The worship may be through art or just by the love that are beyond the languages,
when there is real sincerity and devotion God would certainly listen.

So now that the very Thevaram speaks even about the glory of Sanskrit, surely you would now change your mind about Sanskrit, would you not follow on the same lines of Sambandhar, and Mannickavasagar?


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