More sounds in Tamil Alphabet

Topic suggested by K.Balasubramanian on Wed Apr 28 06:36:49 .
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It is obvious that tamil lacks a large number of sounds present in other languages. While every language suffers from this problem to some extent there is no one to advocate increasing the number of letters in tamil. Tamil people pronounce many foreign words wrongly because of this defect as their knowledge is through WRITTEN tamil. Tamil purists will not agree to the introduction of new letters and they may be quite justified. I feel there is a need for Scientific Tamil meant ONLY for writing scientific works in tamil. This can coexist with the accepted tamil. Even in magazines written in accepted tamil new scientific words can be given in brackets so that proper pronunciation can be propagated. But I don't think new SYMBOLS are needed. With the existing letters some new method must be devised to impart proper pronunciation. This is quite challenging. But remember some half-hearted attempts were made by using "Aida" ezhuththu. I suggest some sort of solution like TeX used for typesetting mathematics. Who will take the challenge of developing Scientific Tamil?


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