Dr.Kalaignar's 'Tholkaaiya Poonkaa': What Is Its Literary Worth?

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Anbu NaNbarGalae:

Last week, Dr.Kalaignar's 'Tholkaapiya Poonga' was released in Chennai in a specially arranged funcion.

Has any of the Hub member gone through that literary work? What are its literary merits? How do the Literay Critics evaluate the literay merits of the work? Any right literary assessment so far worth a mention?

It is said, so far Taminadu & Tamil kooRum nal ulagam had the difficult-to-comprehend literary commentaries. Tholkaapiyam & the commentaries on it had been remaining inaccesiible & highly incomprehensible not only to the ardent students & but to the research scholars as well. I noticed that Tholkappiyam is prescribed in the course of study for post-graduation in Tamil. What are the other works on Tholkappiyam?

It is claimed that the long-felt need of the Tamils in rightly understanding the oldest available work in Tamil by Tholkappiyar has been fulfilled by the new simplified commentary of Dr.Kalaignar in his work. Tholkappiyam is said to have been brought within the reach of common people.

The book is priced at Rs.500.

The forum will be much benefited if we take up this topic for discussion.


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