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Oh and little message to Thamizh Nadu political leaders, please I know how much love you have for Thamizh and Thamizhans money and power, do us a favor like Mr. Thanjai Nalangkilli said in Thamizh Tribune, by asking the Indian government to spend the same amount of money on Thamizh anuually like they do it on Sanskirit. If you can do that and satisfy Thamizhnadu people Thirsty for now, it'll be a great deed. Going against PODA and THADA is good but remember, it's the TN Thamizhans who elected you and 62.5 millions Thamizhans out of 80 millions (since they consider Malayalam dialect as a different language..there goes the 30 millions Chera Nadu Population...). Oh and make the Village Thamizhans to advance technologically and for GOD SAKE INVENT A THAMIZH KEYBOARD! It's been a long time since the computer was invented! and also make sure that Thamizhans who want to learn Engineering courses like Electrical Engineering etc or Sciences in Chemistry, Physics, etc in Thamizh, get what they want! Otherwise I would like you to resign from holding the seat for TN. YOU ARE WORTHLESS! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! If you can't do that! You are simply sucking out the TN THAMIZHANS MONEY and BLOOD along with THE so called Indian Government!


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