Tirumular on Vedas and Saiva Siddhantam

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Just incase, listen to what Thirumular says:

"ž ¡
ۨ¢ Ģ
â¡ ."

"The Veda with the Agama is the truth; they are the word of the Lord: these revelations of the Lord are to be studied as the general and the special doctrines; on enquiry they are taken to be different as giving rise to two different sets of conclusions: but to the great ones they are non different." It is in Tirumantiram we first come across the word Siddhantam. In one place, Tirumular says:-

" 򾢺 ġ
ž ǡġ
ž Ũɧ"

"Since the soul attains salvation in Siddhanta, the devotees of Siddhanta become Jivan-Muktas; as Siddhanta is the quintessence of all the Vedas, it is the right path that will discover Siva."


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