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It was a pleasant surprise for me to come across this web site which contains traslations of verses from Thirumandiram that talk about Yoga.

Thirumandiram is now becoming popular in the West ever since the recent publication by Marshall Govindan (Translator B. Natarajan) appeared in the West. Since Yoga is very popular in the West, the international edition of the Book has been presented as a "Text on Yoga and Tantra" though we all know it is also the sacred text of Saiva Siddhanta. The author Moolar is also a Siddhar and for that reason Thirumandiram is also a mystical work.

The Book has been reviewed by Georg Feuerstein, who translated Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, one of the great scholars and exponents of Yoga. The review is available at this following link.

In fact Feuerstein has come out with a large book "YOGA TRADITION" (published by Motilal Banarsidass) wherein he freely quotes Thirumoolar. Information on this fine work is available here:

Ironically, there is only one English translation of Thirumandiram available now (as far as I am aware of now). I am fascinated with this `cocktail work" on Saivism, Siddha medicine, Yoga, Tantra and Mysticism. It needs to be translated from different angles as Siddhars are known for their use of twilight language in their writings.


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