Why Indians visit this site ?

Topic started by Paradesi (@ adsl-209-204-158-239.sonic.net) on Fri Sep 3 21:14:22 EDT 2004.
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Have something to sell? Or Moving? Wanna get rid of your stuff? Or New to this place? Wanna share your experience? Or wanna join in your a community? Or Looking for travel companions? Or Looking for an alliance? Or ...

www.eparadesi.com, the one stop website that serves all your needs. It has answers to many more questions.

www.eparadesi.com has been launched recently, and your suggestions/feedback is greately appreciated.

This is the place where friends meet and share the experience. Hope, you will also join and make this as a wonderful site. Forwarding this mail to all of your friends is a great help!

Paradesi !


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