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Forecast : 2004


HEALTH / PERSONAL/CHILDREN : Psychological and mental condition would be pessimistic and fixed leading to anxiety related problems this year, Health otherwise would be erratic in April, August and December. Liver, abdomen, stress related ailment not ruled out after September begins. Personal life would be under a cloud mostly even though the developments all round would be good. Children have a very favourable run till August. Birth of a child for those anticipating would be possible during this time. Relations and fortune of children will rise between January and April. Some dip in children issues could come about after September.


ROMANCE / MARRIAGE : A mixed year overall where family life would be below average while there could be improvement in relationships compared to the last year. Extreme volatility in married/love life could come between 19th May to 30th June. Relationships and love life would be ordinary till end August. Beyond September there would be a tremendous improvement in love life and a possibility of a new relationship. Marriages would be under pressure till the 7th March. Love and Marriage matters will be positive in February, April, October & November. There would be difficult situation in February (simultaneously), May & December.


HEALTH / PERSONAL/CHILDREN : Personal problems persist and the problem would be at a peak till 7th March. The low phase would persist till 6th September after which there would be all round improvement . Health might remain effected for chronic sufferers. Some stress-related problems might be present this year. Stomach and blood ailments could upset matters in June. Children related issues could cause anxiety throughout the year. There could be some worried moment in May and June. Improvement all round after September.

ROMANCE / MARRIAGE : Difficult period in marriage matters and relationships possible this year too. Respite would come in after 6th September, while pressure would be high till 7th March and further till 5th May. Extreme volatility in married/love life could come between 19th May to 30th June. There would be too much personal pressures to permit the blossoming of a fruitful relationship and further stability in marriage till end August. Also January, March, November would be favourable months while February, May & July turn out to be difficult.


HEALTH / PERSONAL/CHILDREN : Personal issues would continue to be favourable. Family and people around you will give you reason to be happy till August end at least. An elder of the family could experience health problems beyond 6th September. Your own health could be below average during May and June and further beyond 6th September. Children issues will be better than last year. There would be new developments after September though.
MONEY MATTERS : Year begins in a favourable note for money matters. There would be some new development which would increase the inflows between 4th January and 5th May. Expenses and higher commitments could cause worry between 19th May to 29th May. You should avoid property as well as business investment throughout the year. Income would mostly be favourable except the phase in April & May. A slip in monetary position could come after the end of August. There would be rise in efforts to make money after 6th September too. Liquidity would be below average in April, August & December. March, June, October would be good for monetary position while February, April, May, November would be difficult.


HEALTH / PERSONAL/CHILDREN : Happiness and progress in personal and family matters this year. There would be various developments in personal life after 4th January till 5th May. New personal achievement will give you satisfaction. Beyond September family affairs unsettled since mid 2002 will improve and give rise to happiness and contentment. Health would be positive mostly while chronic sufferers could find the period beyond 6th September difficult. Children related issues would be favourable mostly and the period beyond September would usher in a positive phase. Birth of child for those expecting after September also.


HEALTH / PERSONAL/CHILDREN : Personal and family pressures will continue into March up to the 7th. There will be high anxiousness, which will ease out after the 7th but still persist till the end of August. A need to cut yourself off and low social contact will improve after September begins. Health will improve significantly also in the past September phase. There could be difficult family and health phase between 19th May and 30th June. Children related issues would be low till end August. They would improve dramatically after September begins. Birth of a child for those expecting in the second half of the year possible.

ROMANCE / MARRIAGE : High-pressures in career as well as changes in temperament will make married life difficult till at least the 7th March. The pressure will however continue till 6th September at least. Spouse could have a difficult period professionally which could further the strength of the relationship in any case. Family members are likely to cause misunderstanding too throughout the year. A tremendous amount of improvement will come in after September. Extreme volatility in married/love life could come between 19th May to 30th June. January, February & May could be difficult months, while April, September & November would be beneficial.


HEALTH/ PERSONAL/CHILDREN : Progress and happiness in personal matters as there would be gains from various sources. The positive period will continue till end August. Beyond that a general fall in the position will be felt. There could be a phase of low mental position where you might not want to socialize too much. Health would be good mostly, although anxiety and stress could upset matters mostly for chronic sufferers. Pressure in health could come after October. Children issues would be quite favourable till end August. Birth of a child for those expecting could be possible till August. There would be a dip in children matters beyond September. Worry could be present in relations with children after 8th November till end of the year.


HEALTH / PERSONAL/CHILDREN : Year begins on a difficult note in personal matters till the 7th March. Pressures in such matters could be high in January. Improvement in family and personal matters will come after September and a quantum jump in level of satisfaction would come about beyond September. Health could be under pressure, especially for chronic sufferers and those with blood disorders in February. Also there would be some minor problems, mostly undiagnosed throughout the year. Children related issues could get sidelined due to work priorities this year till August. Beyond September there would be a sudden jump and also improvement in these matters. Possibility of birth of a child for those expecting after September.
MONEY MATTERS : The year begins on a difficult note for money matters. There would be pressures in business/work area connected money matters between 4th January & 5th May. Pressure from fixed sources of income would be present too till 7th March and would remain below average till 6th September. A substantial improvement would come in income and other source of money once September begin. There would be gains from foreign sources as well as people of other communities throughout the year. Expenses and losses due to unexplained and uncontrolled reasons would be present throughout the year too. February, April, September would be beneficial months. March, May, November would be difficult mostly. Liquidity would be below average in April, August & December.
ROMANCE / MARRIAGE : Mostly a moderate year in relationships as well as marriages. Focus would be more on career and other aspects of life. Extreme volatility in married/love life could come between 19th May to 30th June. There would great amount of movement in these matters after 6th September. Marriage and serious relationship possibilities could build up after September begins till the end of the year. Relationship and marriages have a positive period in February, September and December while March, May and June could be quite difficult.


HEALTH / PERSONAL/CHILDREN: Happiness and progress in personal matters would come in this year. New development and family functions would make you happy between 4th January and 5th May. An all round rise in level of satisfaction would come after the 7th March. Some sort of slowdown in relations would come about after end August. Health could be difficult mostly in the stomach region and lower abdomen. You should take care during the month of February and persist with caution throughout the year. There could be further some anxious period between 19th May and 30th June. Children related issues will cause concern this year too. There would be happiness till August and then some rise in anxiety.


ROMANCE / MARRIAGE : Moderate year in relationships and marriage issues till 6th September. There would be low activity overall except between 19th May to 30th June. This period could see high pressure in love matters and certain distances between 19th May to 29th May. 6th September would see a sudden rise in pressures and a setback to marriage relations due to disparities in thinking. The negative impact would be mitigated to a large extent due to favourable run in professional matters. Pressures at home would be high mostly. February, April, November would be favourable while May, June, December could be difficult months.

HEALTH / PERSONAL/CHILDREN : Improvement will come in family and personal matters while there would be anxiety and development of some complexes till the 7th March. New development in family matters between January and April will lead to better relations this year. Disappointment in health of elders of the family will be present throughout. Personal health could be effected due to high anxiety and stress. There could be stomach region and anxiety problems till 7th March also. Problem could be high in May and June. Children issues would improve after the 7th March and pickup as the year goes in. There would be new development and achievement after 6th September. Relations with children could be erratic during April, August and December.
MONEY MATTERS : Improvements in money matters will come in this year after a difficult phase in the last few months. New developments in business and joint areas of work could come in after 4th January till 5 May leading to positive developments. Property related investments could cause concern between 19th May to 30th June. Investments of any sort should be avoided till 7th March and overall still be avoided till 6th September. A fall in financial position due to blockages of funds and slowdown in income possible after end of August. Liquidity would be below average in April, August & December. Further February, April, October would be favourable months while January, May, September could be difficult.
ROMANCE / MARRIAGE : A favourable period operates in love and marriage matters till August. There would be a phase of high activity and new developments in marriages between 4th January to 5th May. Chances of marriage this year would be high. Some kind of resentment in marriages not ruled out till the middle of July. Extreme volatility in married/love life could come between 19th May to 30th June. A relative slowdown in love and marriage matters would come about after the 6th September, as focus would move to work. There would however be good success in love affairs and non-serious relationships. January, April, November would be quite favourable while May, August and December could be difficult.


HEALTH / PERSONAL/CHILDREN : Family and personal matters would be below average after 4th January till 5th May. There would be some kind of pressure in relations or chronic illness of a family member, which could upset issues in personal life. Health is likely to be below average mostly till April too. There could be issues in health matters during June and July. Beyond 28th August there would be an overall revival in health matters. Children related issues would be favourable overall, although there could be minor concerns in the first half of the year. Happiness would be high after September although you will start experiencing a change in mind set related to children after 6th September too.
MONEY MATTERS : Financial constraints operate at the beginning of the year and would ease out to a large extent after the 7th January and further after 7th March. Pressure of competition and debts could upset your financial position till the 5th May. An overall slowdown will occur till end August, beyond that there would be tremendous amount of resurgence in finances. Loans and investments should be avoided throughout, as chances of losing money are quite high. There could be Government penalties and tax problem too this year. Liquidity would be below average in April, August & December. March, August & December would be quite favourable for money matter. February, June and September could be difficult months.


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