Deciphering Indus Script

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About the "Deciphering the Indus Script", scholars of Indian and non-Induian origin have been perhaps wasting their time by interpreting the reading the script with racial and linguistic bias and prejudice.

In spite of scholarship and intellectualism, they have been selective in quoting sources, discussing evidences and publishing the findings.

Ever since, the IVC was discoverded, it was already reported that the sites had been continuously looted and the valuable findings were sold. In fact, illicit excavations continued and the Antique dealers reaped the benefit.

We do not know, how many archaeological evidences have been suppressed, destoyed or not revealed to the world with ulterior motives.

With the available odd 4000 seals, the scholars try to read differently, but none succeeded.

Why then they fight in the name of race and language?

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