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Is this man really worth the popularity he enjoys among tamil netizens?Or really he's 'good enough' in literary writing as he boasts about
himself?I dont' see any 'quality' in his writings Vallikkannan said this man just makes the readers shell shocked on reading his writings.That's his technic..he writes unconventionally and make the reader
to probe 'whos' this guy?'.He's just a very ordinary writer , who knows what the reader is interested with and the art of writing
something interesting..He knows that everybody has this 'useless curiosity' so he writes useless but interesting things.and he really makes use of the ultimate desirable topic of the human race forever...SE##X..:).

But I can never compare him with writers like Jeyamohan...It's an insult to a great writer like Jeyamohan to even compare him with charu nivethitha..charu nivethitha cannot deliver a single literary piece as Jeyamohan delivers...I'm sure..Charu himself knows that he's just pretending to be a great writer and he cant deliver like Jeyamohan, unless otherwise he's a mentally challenged man...And one funny thing is this man boasts that 'he's great' and often teases every other good writers in tamil...:):)

He was writing something called 'konal pakkangal' in vikatan. ( he was writing something related to 'world literature,
world cinema, review of good tamil literary pieces, his views about culture, etc.But now he's just reduced to a cheap tamil 'kisukisu' writer.That's why vikatan kicked him out after knowing that he's just a pile of dung.Now he writes in claims in the site that he's going to make it a pay site soon..
but I'm sure that he has to shut down the site if he dares to do that..who's interested in paying money to just read some 'kisukisu..kilukilu
news:):)) He mostly writes about cinema field actresses,who's sharing bed with whom, whom he met last time in beach (with a note that "she's drunken :)).Since this guy is a friend of 'Andhumani' (One big guy in dinamalar group) he writes pucca 'dinamalar style' of kisukisu news.

How come he's getting popular? Why do people support him?Why do we people are not able to reach writers like Jeyamohan,Vallikannnan, sundara ramasamy, cheap guys like Charu
can be reached...How do we keep this guys like Charu away from literature??...How come we keep the tamil literary community in the net healthy? and more accessible to quality writings and writers?


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