Nagaipattinam "Soodamani Viharam"

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Hi Folks I have a couple of questions regaqrding the "Soodamani Viharam", a Buddhist monastery which was supposed to exist in Nagaipattinam. My questions are:

a) Does the soodamani viharam still exist? If not are there at least ruins of the above?

b) Kalki in his Ponniyin Selvan says that it existed during the time of Sundara Chozhar.

However, Sandilyan in Kadal Pura, says that Veera Rajendra Chozhar gave permission to one of the Kings of the Sri Vijaya Empire in Malaysia to build the soodamani Viharam in Nagaipattinam.

Are they both talking about the same viharam? If so who is right? If not, were there two separate ones?




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