What Did Barathi Mean?

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Does anybody know what Barathi had in mind when singing
'Palli Thalam Anaithum Koil Seiguvom'?

It has been argued by a friend of mine.., that
it means 'Build Temples on Mosques'..
And I argued, vehemently against it.. 'Palli' can mean various things...
village, school, a jain or buddhist temple.. and I do not know if it
meant mosque tooo.. but not according to the tamil lexicon...
Enter 'palli' in the search box in the above site..

It is my gut feeling that, in that time 1910 (?) or so
if anybody sang against the mosques.. he might have been
ostracized.. becoz the freedom movement was at its peak and
no known animosity betn.. Muslim & Hindu
and even otherwise, Barathi would have never sang with an ulterior

any clarification appreciated..

"Which thing whoverver said that thing's
deeper meaning seeking is wisdom " -Triv Allen

"Epporul Yaar Yaar Vaikketpinum Apporul
Meipporul Kanbatharivu" -Tiruvalluvan


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