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Topic started by Preethi on Tue Jan 11 18:43:03 .
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Hi all,
In Tamizh we used to have some kind poetry where the poem has written in such a way that when read in one perspective it explains one thing or an object, and different in another perspective? Like I remember a Poem being written which can be intepreted as that of characteristics of a "Snake" or that of "Oil".. One of the lines goes like this..
"Moodiyai Therandhaal Mugam Kaatum"
Like.. if you open a snake case it just pops up the head/
in other case....if you open a pot containing oil it show your face..

Is this "Eratoru Mozhidhal" or do we have some other name for it...? and does some one know an example/poem in this case?



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