Shudra guru of a brahmin saint

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Ramanuja, the great hindu renaissance saint, who spearheaded the bhakti movement, which involved saints from all castes and all religions (Kabir among Muslims) had a Shudra saint as a guru.

This is even acknowledged by Chandra Bhan Prasad, one of the foremost Dalit intellectuals.

//Of the known nine Alawars, many belonged to the untouchable and Shudra castes. From the school of Alawars came Acharya Ramanuja, a disciple of a Shudra guru, Kanchipurn of Kanchipurn//

This was written by Chandra Bhan Prasad (Chandra Bhan Prasad is president, Dalit Shiksha Andolan)

There you go, right from the Dalit's mouth. May the light of Ramanuja ever shine forth!

BTW, Nammalwar was an Isai Vellalar whose disciple was Madhurakavi a Brahmin

Tondar-adi-podi Alwar was from the panar caste (considered very low) and was carried on the shoulder of Lokasaaranga Muni, the Brahmin priest of Srirangam.


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