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Mr. Vijayan, the editor of Lion Comics, has posted the following in the old Muthu Comics thread:

Since that thread is no longer visible in the forum contents page, I decided to start a new thread and repost his message. Here is the message:

From: S.Vijayan (Editor) (@ on: Thu May 31 09:33:46


It was great fun browsing through so much of messages regarding Muthu Comics. I notice that most of you are disappointed with the present size & quality of the COMICS CLASSICS reprints. Personally I share those feelings too.

To set things right - we intend bringing out the next issue (Kollaikara Pisasu - Mayavi adventure)in the original format with hard cover and better paper as well. If the response is encouraging - further issues will continue in the new format. (Am keeping my fingers crossed).

Thanks a lot for your interest.


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