who is best suited for Ganesh-Vasanth

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There have been quite a few films and serials
based on Sujatha's Ganesh Vasanth stories.
Many actors donned the role of Ganesh / Vasanth

Can the forumhubbers please write on who suited
best or who will suit best for Ganesh and Vasanth

In Gayathri - Jaisankar did the role.. and some
comedian(?) did Vasanth's role.. it was not good.
In Priya - Rajini did Ganesh's role.. not suited
at all..
there have been quite a few serials in DD and later Sun.. Vijay Athiraj tried his luck as Vasanth.. So..so.. Even YG Mahendran acted as
Vasanth in Kolaiyuthir kaalam serial in tv.
but did a trash job..

IMO, the best suited for Ganesh and Vasanth's
personality are oviyar J(eyaraj's) drawings
representing Ganesh and Vasanth only.. no one
else came close to the personality of Ganesh
(intelligent, soft, handsome) and Vasanth (spectacled, chirpy, with an eye for girls)


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