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The election 2004 as thrown open many questions that has to be answered by the BJP:
1.Did it lose b`cause of religious affinity to hinduism/economic policy?
2.Did it take people to ransom by concentration of wealth to fewer hands?
3.People became more insecure for its economic policy/religious freedom?
4.Mandate of the people is for propoor socialistic governance/Towing WTO line.
5.Even congress needs some introspection into this and try to bring back nehruvian era of middle path.
6.We now talk of pseudo capitalism neglecting the concern of the masses.
7.WTO cannot be successful without taking into consideration social responsibility of international governance.
8.Are we going ahead with corporate monarchy.
9.Democrazy the subtle meaning underlying this concept is Rule by,of and for the people.
10.What are peoples expectations or the expectation of average indians?
Minimum means of livelyhood
security for job,right to speak out.
not to be exploited.
justice to all
Cover risk at distress in the family like
Medical security.
Anticipation of egalitarian concept apart from all this.
What went wrong in BJP rule.
1.Concentration of religious exploitation which doesn`t provide for any of the above needs.
2.Succumbing to capitalist national and international without tropicalising the problem.
3.Not heeding to socialist movement within the RSS.SR.socialist leaders like tengadi sidelined.
Infusing more capitalist ministers in the cabinet and neglecting cadres.
4.Creating serious social security risk among millions of families specially middleclass working group who boycotted polls or voted for the congress.
5.Privatising and proposing to amend labour laws
to the disadvantage of working group and favourable to capitalist.
6.Not analysing raelity that 50% of indians are acutely poor.Not discharging social responsibility.
Another 30% are in employment in organised and unorganised sector.
Remaining 20% are in business , industry,politics
If the so called nationalist cannot understand this whoelse will?


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