Thamizhth ThuLikaL. ( Literature-relevant Episodes & Tit-Bits)

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This NEW THREAD is initiated with the object of receiving interesting classical informations as TIT-BITS and Episodes pertaining to TAMIL LITERATURE. These may be either thought-provoking flashes like PUNS (Ĩ) or HUMOUR(ͨ) during the discussions by Tamil-pandits either in the course of either day to day casual meets or on the dais, as we have heard from the Scholars like Sarvasri U.Vae. Saaminaatha Iyer, Ki.Vaa.Jagannathan, Thirumuruha Kripaananda Vaariyaar,Sukhi Sivam and so on.


Ţ š Ш?

Ш¢ þ š ¡ Ǣ ¡ 즸 . 측 , ź, θ ԧ á Ĩ .

" 񽸢" Ǣ ȢԼ Ш â . 񽸢 ¢ θȡ:

" Ţ š Ш ɡ...."

̸. ¢ , . . Ģ м ...

"Ţ š Ш... ȡ ġ Ţǡ?" .

ġ Ţ Ȣ .

" . ⨠Ģ ɢ째 . Ţ 𧼡." ɡ.

ھ¢ Ƣ ȡ š ؾ þ šǧ ɡ.

þ š Ǣ šú. ɡ....

" , 󾦾 򾢧 ؾ. ȡ â 즸ã? "Ţ" ȡ . "" ȡ ǡ , "" ȡ ž, "Ţ" ȡ Ţ򨾸 ¡ Êž. Ţá , ž, Êž Ţ š Ш ؾ? " ȡ.

. Ǣ š þ šǢ ɢ째 Ţ á¨ Ţâ츧Χ?

¢ ؾ𼾡 ȡ, . ŧ Ǣ ɡ š Ǣ򾾡.


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