Wakeup Call - Thiruvempavai

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(If you want to read this in English/ Tamil PDF please check http://www.shaivism.org/thivempa.htm" target="new">http://www.shaivism.org/thivempa.htm">http://www.shaivism.org/thivempa.htm ).

Ǣġ Ƣ Ƣ â ġ. Ƣ¡ šɾ, ž, šɾ, Ţž Ƣ¡ Ţθ. Ч , â¡ ¢ , " ¢ ŧ 측" ɡ š 츢 Ţ զ Ǣ.

զ š ھ¡ ר ȡ . Ǣ ȡ ? θȡ. Ũ ¡. Ǣ ̨ ġ. ɢ ġ 狀 츢 Ө , â Ƣ á Ţ ġ ƢǢ ¢ ǢŢ, ը ھ¢¡ ȡ, ը Ũ 츢ɢ ը ġ Ŧ ڸ.
Ч . Ȣ ھ¡ ȧ. š ž ġ , "á ̸ȡ; !" Ţ , Ȣ¡ը 째 š ¡â Ǣ 󾾡 .

ɢ ǡ Ƣ¡ ȡ ; Ч. " ? ." .

" ¸ "


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