Thiruvalluvar on Sanskrit and Tamil

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For the great Tamil Saint Thiruvalluvar, Sanskrit and Tamil were equal. Unfortunately, the DMK, EVR and political donkeys have been spreading a hate campaing with christians to convert all hindus to christianity.

People who read this from now on STOP listening to politicians and christians. They are the worst people ever.

Ariyamum centamizhum araynditaninidu

Siriyadu tenronraicepparidal-Ariyam

Vedam udaittu Tamizh Tiruvalluvanar

Odu Kuratpavudaittu

"I thought about the question, which is superior, Sanskrit or Tamil. Sanskrit and Tamil are equal in their greatness. We cannot say that the one is superior to the other. The reason is that the Vedas are in Sanskrit and now in Tamil we have the Kural. If there were nothing equal to the Vedas in Tamil, Sanskrit should have been said to be superior. Now the Kural is present in Tamil as the equal of the Vedas. Both languages- Sanskrit and Tamil- are now seen to be equally. "


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